About Zone and Creation And Configuration in SmartFoxServer2X With Code Snippet

What Zone Configuration File Includes?

Zone:- Zone is a collection of rooms, in the earlier session we discussed what is a room in smartfoxserver2x, if we collect/categorize different rooms under one roof/section that part can be considered as zone.

Zone consist the following details like

  • How many rooms will be there in a zone
  • Does the zone allows guest user login or not.
  • Database connection and connection pooling concept
  • What is the extension program which controls the zone
  • When the user of zone can be considered as unresponsive (means how much time user can sit ideal)
  • We can’t create the zones at runtime, where as we can create the rooms at runtime of SmartfoxServer2x.

Ways to Configure And Create the zone

  • There is no programmatic/dynamic way for creating zone.
  • In static manner we can create/configure zone in two ways
  1. Using .zone.xml file
  2. Using admin panel came with SmartFoxServer2X
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