Installing MongoDB (In Windows OS)

  1. Download the suitable binary file from the official mongodb site Select the Community Edition and select the file to download, don’t confuse with the OS names mention in the download list just check for 32 bit or 64 bit.
  2. Setup the binary file, the setup wizard prompts need
    • Complete Installation.
    • Custom Installation.
      If you want to change the destination path or select minimal level of installation choose custom installation and select what you need.
  3. After the above open the installation location by default OsDrive:\Program Files\MongoDb i.e., C:\Program Files\MongoDb or path mentioned in the custom installation wizard. In the folder you have the binary files in the bin directory.
  4. A binary file named “mongod” will be there in bin folder which is mongodb server file that we need to start to up the mongodb.
  5. After starting “mongod” file we can use the binary file “mongo.exe” which is a mongo shell.

Some Key files of mongoDB

Component SetBinaries
MonitoringToolsmongostat.exe, mongotop.exe
Import-ExportToolsmongodump.exe, mongorestore.exe, mongoexport.exe, mongoimport.exe
MiscellaneousToolsbsondump.exe, mongofiles.exe, mongooplog.exe, mongoperf.exe
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