Identifiers refer to the names of variables, constants, functions and arrays. They are user defined names and consist of sequence of letters or digits. Both lowercase and uppercase letters can be used as identifiers. Identifiers are of variable length. Underscore character is also permitted in identifiers. Example : max,s234, no_of_days.


Every C word is classified as an identifier or a keyword. All keywords have fixed meanings and these meanings cannot be changed .Keywords serve as building blocks of a program statements .they can be used for user defined words. There are only 32 keywords in C whose strength lie in their rich built in functions.

Some of the keywords are:

                   auto     double  int       struct
                   break    else    long      switch 
                   case     enum    register  typedef
                   char     extern  float     return 
                   union    const   short     unsigned
                   continue for     signed    void 
                   default  goto    sizeof    volatile
                   do       if      static    while 
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