Basic Terminology Of SmartFoxServer2X

SmartfoxServer2x is a multi-player gaming engine, they use some terminology related to gaming platform so let’s view in a brief.


  • One of the fundamental building blocks in the SFS2X framework is the Room object. Rooms allow arranging players so that they can "see" each other and interact together.
  • A Game can be termed as a room
  • A Room can be created using either statically or dynamically.
  • Player interact with Room for the game play , for all these interactions rooms assosicated with a program we can named it as room extension program.


  • Zone is a collection of rooms, in the earlier session we discussed what is a room in smartfoxserver2x, if we collect/categorize different rooms under one roof/section that part can be considered as zone.
  • Zone consists various games/room.
  • The entire Zone related information held in zones folder of smartfoxserver2x with .zone.xml extension. (like, etc..)
  • We can create the zones manually by creating zone.xml files under zones folder.
  • We can create the zones using SmartfoxAdminTool in easy GUI manner.


  • Extensions are programing elements in SmartFoxServer 2X, they open a world of limitless possibilities for developers to create their custom game logic and integrate other technologies to support their project.
  • Developers can plug a single Extension to their Room , Zone or Both.
  • Extensions are written using java and python
  • Java Extensions are deployed in a single .jar file to a folder which represents the name of the Extension
  • We can create the zones using SmartfoxAdminTool in easy GUI manner.


  • SmartFoxServer2X uses Socket connections for communication and exchange of data b/w server and client it is a good concept, but the problem is in some networks sockets are blocked or firewalled for security concerns. Even in those networks also to communicate SmartFoxServer2X uses the Concept known as BlueBox.
  • So The BlueBox is an HTTP-based technology that allow clients to connect from behind firewalls and proxies, when a socket connection is not available.
  • The BlueBox enables players under restricted network configurations to play and enjoy fast multiplayer apps and games with little to no noticeable performance loss.
  • All SmartFoxServer applications can take advantage of the BlueBox without any code change.
  • The BlueBox uses a HTTP tunnel by wrapping the SmartFoxServer protocol into HTTP packets.


  • The RedBox is a free add-on for SmartFoxServer 2X that adds audio and video streaming capabilities to the server, making it possible to integrate such features in any existing ActionScript3 application.
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