SmartfoxServer2X Tutorial And Introduction To SmartFoxServer2X

What is SmartFoxServe2X?

+ SmartfoxServer is one of the best Middleware for creating the Multiplayer games, Virtual communites and MMOs

+ If you are developing any games related to Casino or Poker then the SmartFoxServer2X is one of the best tool to develop those at rapid time with stability.

+ SmartfoxServer2X is an SDK developed based on JAVA langugage, Using SmartfoxServer SDK we can create games and applications for various platforms using either of Java, Android, iOS, Adobe Flash/Flex/Air, Unity , HTML5, Windows Phone 8, C++.

How It Will Works?

* SmartfoxServer2X is a Client-Server Based Programing Approach.

* SmartfoxServer2X Uses Event Driven approach for Handling The Request from client.

* The Connection establish concept betweenn server-client done using socket programing.

Features of SmartFoxServer2X

  • GUI Based AdminPanel For Monitoring and Configuring the SmartFoxServer2X
  • BlueBox, RedBox Tools For Proxy Networks
  • Powerful Native Physical Layer

What are Avaialble Types/Versions?

  • SmartFoxServer2X
  • SmartFoxServer PRO
  • SmartFoxServer Basic

The Main Intension of this tutorial is to provide basic idea of SmartFoxServer2X development and usage, most of this tutorial is gathered from Offical SmartfoxServer2X documentation and my personal experience with SmartFoxServer from the past 5 years.

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