SmartFoxServer Client API (key classes and Key Requests)

As we know that Smartfoxserver 2x is a client-server programing. We can implement Server part using Java, where as to cumminicate with server smartfoxserver provides various types of client api to accept conncetions from various types of clients

Various Client Api s provided By SmartfoxServer2x:-

> C# scripting API (Useful for Unity3d platform)
> Javascript scripting API(Useful for HTML5)
> ActionScript scripting API (Useful for Flash platform)
> Java scripting API(Useful for Android and corejava )
> Objective-C API scripting API (Useful for IOS platform)
> C++ API

Key Requests and their description

Sno Request Description
1 LoginRequest Logs the current user in one of the server Zones.
2 JoinRoomRequest Joins the current user in a Room. If the operation is successful, the current user receives a roomJoin event; otherwise the roomJoinError event is fired. This usually happens when the Room is full, or the password is wrong in case of password protected Rooms.
3 LeaveRoomRequest Leaves one of the Rooms joined by the current user.
4 LogoutRequest Logs the user out of the current server Zone.
5 ExtensionRequest Sends a command to the server-side Extension attached to the Zone or to a Room.
6 KickUserRequest Kicks a user out of the server.
7 BanUserRequest Banishes a user from the server.