About Zone and Creation And Configuration in SmartFoxServer2X With Code Snippet

Follows These steps To Create/Configure New Zone Through AdminPanel in SmartfoxServer2X

Step 1:- Open the smartfoxserver admin panel and Administration Tool 2X (check the port number of jetty) (see Port Configuration to find jetty port) SmartfoxServer2X Admin Panel

Step 2:- Enter the host and port to connect to smartfoxserver (here port is not jetty’s it’s smartfoxserver’s) and supply the username and password for admin panel. In server.xml under <adminUser> tag you will find the username and password for admin user. SmartfoxServer2X Admin Panel

Step 3:- Open the 'ZoneConfigurator' option in 'Adminstrative Module' appears in the left side.SmartfoxServer2X Admin Panel

Step 4:- Click the + button to create the zone SmartfoxServer2X Admin Panel

Step 5:- Fill the details of zone Like name, cutom login, force logout, maximum no of user , max no of rooms etcSmartfoxServer2X Admin Panel

Step 6:- Check/uncheck guest login allow, default room groups in the same page at the bottom you will find those.SmartfoxServer2X Admin Panel

Step 7:- Open the 'Zone Extension' tab and

  • Select name of “Extension name” (lists folders found under SFS2X-<extensions folder)
  • Choose extension type as JAVA.
  • Choose Main class extension (ZoneExtension prog)
  • Mention properties file name by default it is config.properties.
  • SmartfoxServer2X Admin Panel

Step 8:- Configure "Database" by opening 'Database Manager' tab as

  • Activate Database or not
  • Database driver class, username, password, test SQL.
  • Connection pooling concept (active connections, idle connections)
  • What to do if max db connections or open (FAIL, GROW, BLOCK) etc.,
  • SmartfoxServer2X Admin Panel
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