SmartFoxServer2X Structure with Explanation

Folder Description
config Holds the key configuration files like server, log4j, jetty.
  1. server.xml : A file which holds socket ip, port details with thread pool configuration details and user access control configuration.
  2. : SmartfoxServer comes with log4j so for our custom logging configuration for our codes(extensions) all need to done in this file.
  3. jetty.xml s: SFS admin tool runs upon Jetty Server, so jetty server configuration file is this. Which is under jetty folder of SFS2X.
extensions A place to place all the extension code (our customized code) we need to place our application jar file in this folder, then SFS can able to read and load those jars into JVM classloader. This folder again consists these
  1. __lib__ folder : if our application jars need any dependent libraries then we can place here. Like my CustomApp.jar is using gson library but it is not available in SFS so I need to place that gson.jar in __lib__.
lib All the SFS required library files will be there(don’t delete any one) system class loader of SFS uses this folder.
  1. System classloader (jars loaded from this lib folder)
  2. Extension Global classloader (jars loaded from extension’s __lib__ folder
  3. Extension class loader (jars loaded from extension’s folder other than __lib__).
zones It holds .zone.xml files. If we are creating a zone means an .zone.xml will be created here with that zonename.
  1. SFS by default supply
logs Holds the log files, this folder need to have the admin rights due to this folder requires write and permission for making logs. (we can customize the name of this folder as we like using file).
www Jetty server uses this folder. If we want to customize the landing and other pages of SFS admin page we can do here. SFS admin page details/design will hold this.
Files Description
sfs2x.bat or sfs2x-standalone.exe or To start the SmartfoxServer(in standalone mode) we need to run either of these files. Upon successful start you will see a message like ‘SFS 2X READY’ in the console. (press Ctrl-C to close the opened console)
sfs2x-service.exe To start the SmartfoxServer(in service mode) we need to run this file. (No console/editor will appear on run)
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